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The Author
Griswallt ap Llechitwyt
Who is Griswallt ?
Known throughout the western world and beyond Griswallt is a pseudonym for a well-known artist. His works can be seen in many national and international Galleries. Now he lives as a virtual recluse in his mountain retreat and passes the time with painting caricatures of people he met in his travelling days. Grumpy and sometimes rude he shies away from most people although his affection with children and his broad sense of humour still shines through.

We have managed to track him down and believe it or not persuaded him to write down some of the ancient history of the Llandoddies. These stories handed down from generation to generation are now being brought to life in the exceptional chronicles of the Llandoddies. It's even believed that Griswallt is on friendly terms with some of these illusive Llandoddies.

Many people have claimed that the Llandoddie by the Lake is modelled on them; we can now excluselively reveal that it is modeled on................

Dewi Mawr
(but of course !! Who did you think it was?)

Why Llandrindod ?
Griswallt knows the town well, having spent many days there in his younger years. With its Victorian architecture and stunning country-side, it's there where the Llandoddie sightings first started. As a young man Griswallt listened to his aunt Mabel Dellery telling him about the ancient waterkeepers of the wells and lake and about the myths and mystery that surrounded them. For those of you that don't know where Llandrindod Wells is have a look at their website on Llandrindod is the County Town of Powys in Mid-Wales, a town of beautiful buildings, historical parks, a lake surrounded by stunning country-side and off course it's the home of the Llandoddies
Will we ever find out
who Griswallt is ?
Stick around and keep following the Llandoddie Chronicles, you never know. And for those lucky ones that get a signed copy of the first edition........Hang on to it !!
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