2nd April 2003
Whilst daily hundreds of people come to admire the new statue, until now we were unable to confirm the identity of the 'Llandoddie' at the Lake Park.

However, we can now reveal that it is in fact a commemorative statue of 'Dewi Mawr' (Big David), who saved the 'Llandoddies' from the 'Grogs' invasion at the Battle of the Lake on St. Cewydd's Day (July 15th) 1740.

"It has been passed down from historic folklore that 'Dewi Mawr' enlisted the help of the Witch 'Coarse-Cackle' to warn the 'Llandoddies' just in time of the impending invasion," stated Mabel Dellery's grandson this week. (Mabel, as you may remember, was the first to document the 'Llandoddies' legends in her historic accounts of 1895-1937). Her grandson is now considering release of a book recounting the history and folklore of the 'Llandoddies' in Llandrindod Wells to satisfy the growing demand for more information.

Meanwhile, 'Llandoddies', who have a longevity of many hundreds of years, are yet again being spotted all over the Lake Park and Rock Park in ever increasing numbers.

As was reported previously, sightings must be reported immediately to the 'Llandoddie' website ( We will keep you posted of developments on this most interesting phenomenon.

a Doddie snurting - playing an instrument
rather like an underwater bagpipe.
Because of the dreadful din that's the
best place for them!
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