3rd June 2006
Arts & Crafts community welcomes the "Llandoddie"

The Arts & Crafts community of mid Wales are celebrating the arrival of the first Llandoddie book with a mini festival at Erwood Station Crafts Centre. (Rumour has it that a Llandoddie outpost is discovered in the woods around the station).
Alan Cunningham the resident wood turner invited a number of his friends to put together a series of demos on Arts & Crafts for your children to experience. Wood turning, copper beating, painting and Dave Perks will even bring his mobile forge. The festival will take place at Erwood Station Gallery on Saturday 3rd June between 1.00 and 4.00 pm, Griswallt, the Author will sign books as well and it is expected that Witch Coarsecackle will make an appearance with some Doddies.

Coarse Cackle in full swing
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