6th March 2003
You may be aware that as a consequence of the storms of last October and after assessments originally undertaken in 1999 it was determined that the splendid and significant oak tree located to the south of the restaurant at The Lake Park, Llandrindod Wells was deemed unsafe and of immediate danger to the public using the footpath. After consultation with the Town Council it was agreed that the only course of action was to fell the tree leaving a significant part of its base, below the crown, to be used as a basis for a wood sculpture.

However, there appears to be more than a little bit of 'magic' in the air. Sources report that the sculpture undergoing completion has taken on what are believed to be unmistakeable characteristics of a 'Llandoddie' or 'Ancient Waterkeeper' of Llandrindod Wells.

Until recently only rumours of sightings of this legendary culture, whose disappearance around the time of the First World War (it is said they deplored violence) was first noted by Welsh Historian Mabel Dellery (1895-1937) of Lladbe-y-Vaidd in the early 1920's.

She stated that "...their history has became almost shrouded in mystery as only the older inhabitants of the town could lay claim to having actually 'seen' a 'Llandoddie'..." and even they had "... only vague recollections of the locations of the 'grotto' habitats in and around the Rock Park and Lake Park that were home to the 'Llandoddies'."
a Doddie snurting - playing an instrument
rather like an underwater bagpipe.
Because of the dreadful din that's the
best place for them!
Chris Tully of Powys County Council confirmed a number of sightings had been reported to him over the past few weeks but that he could not comment on the existence of the 'Llandoddies'. Councillor Keith Tampin remembers one of his constituents talking about these little people and commented that there is "definitely something happening at the Lake".

As more background information is discovered about these 'Llandoddies' and their re-emergence in the area we may be able to put together a more complete history of their ancient ways and original place in nature and the community of Llandrindod Wells.

Meanwhile a spokesman from the Llandrindod Action Team also confirmed that "increased reports of sightings are beginning to flood into the website email 'hotline'". He requests that anyone with information or a sighting to report should contact:
After this initial press release the local press regularly featured stories and sightings
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